Support to Effective National Aid Coordination and Monitoring (SENACAM)

Programme Period: 2010-2015

SENACAM programme provided technical assistance to Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MoEDT) to improve M&E system of strategic programmes (LSIS) in terms of rationalizing the number of monitoring indicators and linking the latter with the data tracking system for National Development Strategy/Poverty Reduction Strategy   – horizontally among line ministries, and vertically by means of rolling out District Development Plans (DDPs) in pilot districts. Furthermore, the programme targeted strengthening the institutional structure and capacity of the State Committee on Investment and State Property Management (SCISPM) for improving external aid coordination and monitoring, and public-private dialogue.

Main achievements, if any (2-5 points)

Strengthened M&E systems in the MoEDT to monitor the implementation of LSIS 2013-2015 and to improve overall transparency and accountability, leading to: (a) stronger linkages between planning and budgeting, and (b) increased levels of funding for LSIS implementation.

Improved management and coordination of foreign aid through introduction and full application of the Aid Management Information System (AIMS), and related capacity building, in the SCISPM.

Improved public-private dialogue through the provision of continuous support to the Working Group on Private Sector Development under the auspices of the SCISPM.

Met commitments of the Tajik Government to the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation agreed in Busan (2011) – the programme used select Global Partnership indicators to track progress in the area of effective development cooperation.

Effective engagement of the Tajik Government in development and implementation of Flagship Initiatives (FIs), - the framework through which the government and development partners implement LSIS 2013-2015.

Budget and donor:

2,3m funded by DFID

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