Sustainable economic


Integrated Approach to Developing the Economy

Lack of natural resources and high reliance on labor migration make Tajikistan vulnerable to external shocks and exacerbates poverty, a factor which the country has yet to battle despite the recent progress. Considering these challenges, sustainable economic growth is one of the main developmental priorities in Tajikistan. Improving living standards and quality of life requires a consolidated effort at all levels – starting from formulation of the country development policies at the national level to implementation of the strategic development plan in local communities.

Supporting Grass-Root Initiatives on Communities Level

We focus on sustainable and inclusive growth to strengthen livelihood capacities and employable skills, access to equal economic opportunities for the population of rural and remote districts with high level of poverty. UNDP’s communities programme, active since 2004, supports livelihood improvement efforts of the Government of Tajikistan through enhancing local governance and creating conditions for sustainable local economic development. Our mission is to support broad-based economic growth by increasing productivity in agriculture, realizing export potential in energy, improving connectivity in transport, strengthening physical infrastructure, and provide support for human development by enhancing education, health, and social protection.

Projects and Initiatives

Strengthening Communities in Khatlon region and Rasht Valley of Tajikistan
Youth for Business and Innovation
Livelihood Improvement in Tajik– Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA)
Promotion of social and economic opportunities for women and youth in Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan
Health System Strengthening: The Project is funded by Gavi Alliance at the total amount US$3,6 million with the duration of 2017-2022
Innovative solutions for nationalizing and localizing SDGs and economic empowerment of women, youth and PWD
Cross-border Cooperation for Sustainable Peace and Development
Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia (Phase IV), Tajikistan

29.7% (2017, source: MEDT)

Poverty Rate

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